Food Manufacturer Saves 37% on Poly Carton Liners

poly carton liners box liner

Encore Poly has been supplying a leading food manufacturer with three different size poly carton liner bags for over 12 years. After performing many tests, it was determined that we could convert two of the bags to our proprietary polyethylene blend and save this customer a considerable amount of money.

Over a one year period, this customer saved 37% on one size and 35% on the other. The conversion to this proprietary blend has worked extremely well for this customer who uses the bags as a carton liner in a freezer application.

The equivalent product works as well or better than what was previously used.

Our goal is to save our customers money while providing an excellent product. This proprietary blend works in most applications.

Encore Poly is a leader in polyethylene bags, sheeting and stretch film for a variety of industries and uses.  We provide direct from manufacturer service and prices for stock as well as custom products. Our goal is to continue to work diligently to accommodate your needs. Contact us with any inquiries you may have and we will produce a solution tailored to your specific requirements.