Why Does Polyethylene Get a Bad Rap

Plastics come in many different types and variations. At Encore Poly, we specifically specialize in Polyethylene, or Poly for short. This type of plastic is easily the most versatile, as it comes in different types.

Our Low-Density Polyethylene or LDPE is used to make common household items you use everyday. Without it, resealable bags, trash bags, and other items used to preserve or dispose of our food wouldn’t exist.

Our High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE is used in construction applications and other stiffer, stronger packages. If its tough, it’s HDPE. These are everyday plastics that are necessary for every household. Read more

Caterpillars To Rescue the Earth from Plastic Pollution Problems

A recent discovery and research found that caterpillars, commercially raised for fishing bait, are capable of biodegrading polyethylene. This is the toughest and most used plastic in the form of supermarket shopping bags.

Caterpillars’ Biggest Reality

A caterpillar can hold the keys to the plastic pollution problems on Earth. With caterpillars, people can sustain their commitment to build a better world.  A caterpillar can help save people from the growing plastic pollution problem. It is not the type that turns into a butterfly. It is a type of caterpillar that is a parasite to bees. It is these caterpillars that can break down chemical bonds of plastic bags. Read more

poly carton liners box liner

Food Manufacturer Saves 37% on Poly Carton Liners

Encore Poly has been supplying a leading food manufacturer with three different size poly carton liner bags for over 12 years. After performing many tests, it was determined that we could convert two of the bags to our proprietary polyethylene blend and save this customer a considerable amount of money.

Over a one year period, this customer saved 37% on one size and 35% on the other. The conversion to this proprietary blend has worked extremely well for this customer who uses the bags as a carton liner in a freezer application. Read more


What is polyethylene resin?

There are many types of resin.  For the plastic packaging industry, polyethylene resin is commonly used. It is a type of thermoplastic used to manufacture bags, tubing, sheeting, stretch and shrink films.  It is also a flexible composite.  Polyethylene, referred to as PE, is usually a mixture of polymers and ethylene.  It has mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, and optical properties.  It absorbs almost no water, burns slowly and cannot be imprinted without pretreatment.  PE can become brittle when exposed to sunlight.  To avoid this a UV stabilizer must be added.

Why Does Poly Get a Bad Rap? Read more