Custom Bags for the Cosmetic Industry

poly sheeting

Encore Poly was requested to provide a major chemical company that manufactures powders for the cosmetic industry with a flexible polyethylene bag that would not create static as their product is highly flammable. Between our R & D team and the help of our suppliers we found out that an amine and nitro free bag needed to be produced. In addition to this we needed to provide a “non-blooming” anti-stat. Most anti-stats have a tendency to “bloom” to the surface which this customer said was not acceptable.  After months of testing different blends of resins and anti-stats we were successful in meeting all their requirements.

The percentage of anti-stat needed depends on the gauge of the film being used, the type of film being extruded, and the length of time the product will be in the bag.

There are many additives in resin that can alter the product being packaged so we always need to make sure we know exactly what is being packaged and if there are any specific requirements. We are extremely detail oriented and need to continue in order to be successful in supplying exactly what our customer requires.

Our staff continues to ask many questions when speaking with a customer so that we can have a full understanding of what they are packaging. Without full knowledge of the application, length of time it is packaged and whether there is exposure to freezer or even outdoor temperatures it is very hard to continue to guarantee our product.

Something as simple as a product being frozen can be challenging. We need to know if it is a regular freezer application or a “flash freeze” application. The amount of ethyl vinyl acetate added to film depends upon the temperature and length of time a product is frozen.

If there is exposure to sun then we need to know the length of time in order to evaluate the amount of UVI, ultra violet inhibitor, which needs to be added to retard the degradation of the polyethylene

Encore Poly is a leader in polyethylene bags, sheeting and stretch film for a variety of industries and uses.  We provide direct from manufacturer service and prices for stock as well as custom products. Our goal is to continue to work diligently to accommodate your needs. Contact us with any inquiries you may have and we will produce a solution tailored to your specific requirements.