Caterpillars To Rescue the Earth from Plastic Pollution Problems


A recent discovery and research found that caterpillars, commercially raised for fishing bait, are capable of biodegrading polyethylene. This is the toughest and most used plastic in the form of supermarket shopping bags.

Caterpillars’ Biggest Reality

A caterpillar can hold the keys to the plastic pollution problems on Earth. With caterpillars, people can sustain their commitment to build a better world.  A caterpillar can help save people from the growing plastic pollution problem. It is not the type that turns into a butterfly. It is a type of caterpillar that is a parasite to bees. It is these caterpillars that can break down chemical bonds of plastic bags.

In fact, when a wax worm is left alone with polyethylene, it creates holes in just a few minutes. It was also found out that after twelve hours of contact the worms can break down ninety-two milligrams of plastic. According to scientists if one enzyme has the ability for a chemical process, then reproducing it on a large scale with the use of biotechnology methods must be achievable. The discoveries could be very essential tools to help eliminating the plastic wastes that accumulated in the oceans and landfills.

While the information of a wax biodegradation needs further investigation, according to some researchers it’s likely that polyethylene and the digesting beeswax involve the same kind of chemical bond. Also, the wax is polymer and part of the natural plastics with chemical structures not the same as the polyethylene. Moreover, many researchers conducted the spectroscopic analysis in order to represent the breaking chemical bond of the plastics.

The analysis they have conducted has shown that the worms or the caterpillars have turned the polyethylene to ethylene glycol. Wherein, it represents the un-bonded or monomer molecules. The caterpillar is eating plastics without modifying the chemical reactions. The researchers and scientists showed that the chain in polyethylene plastics is broken through the worms.

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