poly sheeting

Custom Bags for the Cosmetic Industry

Encore Poly was requested to provide a major chemical company that manufactures powders for the cosmetic industry with a flexible polyethylene bag that would not create static as their product is highly flammable. Between our R & D team and the help of our suppliers we found out that an amine and nitro free bag needed to be produced. In addition to this we needed to provide a “non-blooming” anti-stat. Most anti-stats have a tendency to “bloom” to the surface which this customer said was not acceptable.  After months of testing different blends of resins and anti-stats we were successful in meeting all their requirements. Read more


What is polyethylene resin?

There are many types of resin.  For the plastic packaging industry, polyethylene resin is commonly used. It is a type of thermoplastic used to manufacture bags, tubing, sheeting, stretch and shrink films.  It is also a flexible composite.  Polyethylene, referred to as PE, is usually a mixture of polymers and ethylene.  It has mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical, and optical properties.  It absorbs almost no water, burns slowly and cannot be imprinted without pretreatment.  PE can become brittle when exposed to sunlight.  To avoid this a UV stabilizer must be added.

Why Does Poly Get a Bad Rap? Read more