• Polyethylene Capabilities and Options

So what kind of Polybags can you make?


  • LINEAR LOW DENSITY: Used for most packaging needs where freezer and heat application is not used.
  • HIGH DENSITY: Stronger than conventional LLDPE so reduction of gauge is possible for certain applications. Least abrasive of all polybag films, will not scratch or scuff surfaces.
  • SUPER HEXENE: A much stronger linear resin which allows for down gauging therefore providing a reduction in cost
  • FRACTIONAL RESIN:  The strongest of resins used for industrial applications and for shrinking of polybag resin for pallet covers and other applications.


  • EVA-ethyl vinyl acetate- Improves film strength for low temperature performance.
  • Anti –stat – removes inherent static properties of polyethylene to customers specifications
  • UVI-ultra violet inhibitor- Increases resistance to ultraviolet degradation from solar rays
  • High Clarity
  • Anti-block


  • Flat bottom- tubular bag with a bottom seal only
  • Side Seal- seals on the side, no bottom seal
  • Gusseted- side pleats which allow for better fit in cartons
  • Star bottom sealed
  • Bags on wickets
  • Clear, tint or opaque colors
  • Bags on rolls or separated
  • 2” – 100” width
  • Gauges from .0005 – .008 mil

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It is always a pleasure to partner with a supplier that can meet a company’s needs.

I have never had a vendor that is as consistent with checking in with me on our current inventory; and then able to deliver more stretch film in a very short time frame.

We have partnered with Encore Poly for all of our poly bag purchases.   We recommend Encore Poly because they have demonstrated a commitment to quality and they have provided excellent customer service.

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I consider Encore Poly more than a supplier. They are a partner and solution provider. Other packaging suppliers are not as responsive when it comes to dealing with issues and finding solutions. Our Encore Poly sales rep always takes personal responsibility in making sure we are satisfied with their product and service.